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Building (for) the future: smart and sustainable homes

Set up for life. A valuable home is all about comfortable living. Whether designed from scratch or remodelled to individual needs and desires, everyone’s personal habitat should be healthy, adept and affordable at the same time. And not only here and now. Efficiency over the complete lifespan of a building is what counts – from the initial sourcing and installation of materials to the operational performance and maintenance needs.

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No stone unturned

In an average household, about 50% of the total energy use goes towards heating and cooling. So investing in long-term energy efficiency saves both energy and money, while making homes more comfortable and durable. And that goes even beyond the bounds of individual benefit. The use of local resources to generate clean energy can sustain entire communities through decentralised networks. On top of that, the environmental impact of households is minimized. An optimal use of energy with minimal waste means to save the earth’s treasured resources and secure it for future generations.

Green design

As Thermaflex, we are in constant pursuit of developing and delivering smart, cost-effective and long-term solutions for thermal energy distribution in line with our energy and environmental mission, and in co-creation with our stakeholders. We’re armed with state of the art flexible pre-insulated pipe systems and insulation solutions to connect homes and energy sources as well as providing internal components. Easy, swift and headache-free: that’s our formula for both network installation and operation!


  Earth Quake resistance certificate PDF 735 KB Preview Download Mail

Technical report of dynamic tests performed on Flexalen pre-insulated pipe systems, simulating seismic with 7-9 intensity on the MSK-64 scale.
Flexalen is recommended for applications in the regions with seismic activity of 7-9 magnitude.

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