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Set sail for tomorrow with smart, and sustainable shipping

A healthy dose of vitamin sea. Sailing away along the endless immensity of the open waters offers an alluring escape for many a man. Over 22 million voyagers a year, in fact, surrender to the untainted comfort of the ocean cruise. When carrying vast amounts of people across the ocean, health and safety are the basic rules of the game, next to upholding pristine levels of comfort. But that can come at a high cost. Especially when it comes to energy. So how can shipbuilders sustainably tackle the cost and risks related to energy infrastructure as early as in the ship design?

Safety first

When onboard a ship cruising across the vast blue waters, comfort and safety rhymes with a stable and healthy indoor climate. That requires an efficient and reliable level of cooling, heating, and ventilation – based on healthy materials. When it comes to cooling, condensation is a common, yet dangerous enemy that can lead to the formation of harmful fungi, corroded systems and poor air quality. Insufficient or inefficient heating systems can also result in high energy and maintenance costs. So key is to ensure a solution that is safe, efficient and sustainably reliable in order to maximize peace of mind for both passengers, and operators.

Smooth sailing

At Thermaflex, we understand those challenges, and tailor our solutions accordingly. We offer a wide range of innovative insulation systems to meet every possible need – harmonizing comfort, capital and climate with swift, sound and easy-to-install thermal energy solutions. Our non-toxic polyolefin-based ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black ranges ensure minimal smoke production in case of fire, making it the safest choice to guarantee visibility and minimize risks of intoxication or breathing problems. 


The ultra-light weight of ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black (around 1/3rd of its traditional counterparts) can significantly cut the weight load on ships, increasing the carrying capacity. Another key aspect of the material is its water-tight barrier, completely eliminating any risk of condensation, thus ensuring maximum performance and lifetime of air and water distribution systems. Our entire range of ThermaSmart Marine 2.0 Black insulation components are Wheelmark approved, and comply to the highest marine building standards. 

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