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New construction

Breaking valuable new ground
New construction
New construction
New construction
New construction
New construction
New construction

A positive solution for C02 neutral energy.

CO 2 neutral energy is now an important goal for both individual buildings and entire cities. Like you, Thermaflex knows that concentrated use of waste heat and renewable energy will help preserve resources and the environment for future generations. One step toward CO2 neutral energy is the efficient and sustainable distribution of domestic hot water, cooling and heating. This distribution must also be seamlessly provided to assure the comfort and supply security of the end-users.

Start with sustainable solutions

New construction demands that efficient and sustainable solutions are part of the project from its earliest stages. This makes it possible to maximize the many advantages of these solutions during every step of construction and eventual use.

From A to Z!

Our engineers work with you to develop the most ecological and economical solutions for new residential areas. Our varied solutions can also help contractors save time and money during excavation and installation. From extra-long length coils, to pre-fabricated “Flexalink” branches, we have a solution for every requirement.


Thermaflex pipe and insulation solutions:

• Ensure as much as 100 years of efficient, maintenance-free service of heating, cooling and water networks
• Use environmentally-friendly, durable and re-useable plastic materials
• Provide good flow characteristics and corrosion-free performance
• Use welded joints for safety and reliability when buried
• Include dedicated support for designers, installers and contractors

Feel free to contact us for consultation specific to your individual requirements.


  Earth Quake resistance certificate PDF 735 KB Preview Download Mail

Technical report of dynamic tests performed on Flexalen pre-insulated pipe systems, simulating seismic with 7-9 intensity on the MSK-64 scale.
Flexalen is recommended for applications in the regions with seismic activity of 7-9 magnitude.

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